Accommodation in Prague

New in Prague and struggling to find a good place to stay?
Here we are to help you.
we can offer you comfortable place to stay in:
  • public dormitories
  • private dormitory Hloubetin with comfortable and newly renovated rooms
  • the single room in flatshare (we have flats in very good locations with easy access to the city center)

Prague has very limited offers with accommodation, if you want to have smooth arrival, tyou need to think about comfy place to stay LOOOONG in advance.
Here are some tips:
  • start to search minimum 6 months in advance, if you like something is better to reserve - usually you have to pay 1 month of the rent
  • always work with reliable companies who has reviews
  • if you want to search for the place to stay when you arrive to Prague, get for yourself at least the room in Airbnb minimum for 2 weeks.