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Did you know that foreigners can access higher education in the Czech Republic for free?

We offer packages ranging from Czech language preparatory programs to university degrees in English
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Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people are constantly working to provide the best service in order to make our customers happy
  • Zlata Migulka
    Customer Engagement
    Zlata is the go-to person in our company. Your first interaction it's often with her. She spends most of her time making our customers feel cared for and facilitating the communication with the company. If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can write to her.
  • Alexis Bernardi
    Sports Director

    Alexis has a passion for hiking, biking and many other outdoor activities. He knows how to connect students with nature in a joyful and exciting way. By going for a hike with Alexis, you will enjoy not only the beautiful nature, but rich conversations full of tips and fun facts.

  • Dmitry Lopatin
    Fun Director
    Dima is responsible for leisure programs and he is always making sure that everybody is having fun and a good time. Dima will find a common language with everyone, you don't even have to speak the same language to do so. He is truly a people's person, full of good energy.
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